Tuesday, September 23, 2008


ni luahan hatiku yang sakit hati kat sesorang tapi sekarang ni dah reda ckit..

i really hate it..
i really hate selfishness..
we are friends..
why do you have to be selfish to me..
i really hate it..

i really hate Hippocratic..
we are friend..
and because of that..
although i am very angry to you but still i'm smilling to you..
so it that's mean i'm hate myself..
i also don't know the answer..

i really hate liar..
you lie to me although we are friend..
i also lie to you by saying that i did not angry with you..
but the truth is i'm very angry to you..

what more to say...
past was past and tomorrow will come..
how many times i have to angry to you but still saying "i'm not angry"..
i'm tired with all this..
and my mind right now just thinking of my sweet home..
and felt like do not want to come back here anymore..

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