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More about Nami Island


Menunaikan janji bercerita lebih tentang Nami Island ^^

first topic : How to go to Nami Island 

Nami Island located 63km from Seoul, so it is far away.

there are few ways but i will tell you more about the easiest way but a bit more expensive way to Nami Island.

shuttle bus.

there is a tour bus from insadong to Nami Island every day.

the fee will be around this :
One way bus fare - 7,500 won
Roundtrip bus fare - 15,000 won
Roundtrip bus + ferry + admission - 23,000 won

like me , i take the 23,000 won including all fee, so u don't have to queue up to buy ferry+ admission ticket.

so now, where is this tour bus located?

it is located near Tapgol/Pagoda Park at insadong

this is the way how to go there .

our target is the Nami Island Bus Stop.

U can either get off at Jongro-3-ga station (Line 1) Exit 1 or at Jonggak station  (Line 1) Exit 3.

For me, we get off from Jongro-3-ga station and walk to the bus station. Just walk straight until u find police station on your right. just beside the police station, it will be the entrance of the park. Enter the park and u will see another exit of the park at your left side. went out from the exit, u will find few bus there, find the Nami Island bus. It written on the bus : NAMI ISLAND or NAMINARA.

its time of departure is 9.30 am at the Nami Island Bus stop.
and from Nami Island --> Insadong. It departs around 4.30pm so u will spend one day at Nami Island.

to take this bus, u must reserve or book it first.
to reserve :
about the payment, for us, we have problem in paying it online. so we just book it online without paying anything and because of that,  we have to come 30 minutes earlier to reserve our seat.
So if you have problem in paying it online, you can just state it in your booking form and the seat will be reserve for you.

this shuttle bus from my experience, it takes about 1 hour from Insadong to Nami island.

more about this shuttle bus : click here

don't want shuttle bus? want to go other way?

 u can check it out : here or here.

2nd topic : fare in & out

other than the transportation fee -

regarding the ferry, this is the schedule

3rd topic : Nami Island rides

as been told before, Nami Island is seriously 'big' so they have few facilities for us.

one of  it, is this train (we take it !!! )

about the fee :

also the fee for stroller & wheelchair

other than the train,

there is also bicycle (told it on the last post )

be " hero & heroin of winter sonata" by taking a ride at Nami Island ^^

there is also electronic bicycle & electronic car tour

4rd topic : Tips at Nami island.

1. brought your own food + drinks. the food there are a bit expensive and especially if you are muslim like me.

2. don't ever buy corn there. it is tasteless !!!

3. the place is seriously wide so takes your time. Don't rush as u will be really tired.

4. if u are taking tour bus from insadong-->Nami island, please brought something fun with u, either MP3 or any books to read. From Insadong to Nami Island, it takes more than 1 hour and u will be getting tired waiting.

that's all for today.

references :
Budget travel to Korea
Nami Island official website

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