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Survival Tips for House Officers / Interns


first of all - Selamat Hari Raya !!
Takda mood nak post pasal raya tahun ni , sbb full of problems.
Dan menambahkan kekurangan mood itu , bila dapat berita & surat induksi diawalkan.
Induksi diawalkan + tempat yang tak berapa nak best = terus rosak mooood huhu

But still realiti perlu ditelan.
Dan debar tak ingat nak start kerja ni hoho

5 years of study

after 5 years of study , another 2 years of survival.

Dan ada seorang sahabat ada kongsikan " Survival Tips" ni di FB jadi saya just nak share pada yang lain.

Debar tak kurang but at least ada panduan emosi sebelum masuk dalam " pressure cooker " tu nanti ^___^

Here it is :

Survival Tips for House Officers / Intern from Dr Harlina

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 1 - Set your intention right. It's neither about the money, the highly respected position and the power. It is about PUBLIC SERVITUDE, serving those who are in need of healthcare. Only after you have served well, then only you could deserve the rewards, privileges and rights allocated for medical practitioners! Welcome on board!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 2 - Have the right attitudes. Being the most junior officer in the team, you really have a lot to catch up and learn. Never pretend that you know all. Never hesitate to admit that you do not know, to ask questions and assistance. Respect those who are more experienced than you. People with the right attitudes are welcome wherever they go, always...all the time!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 3 - Put on your best smile and outstanding manners. Greet everyone with a cheerful salam. No matter how busy you are, don't forget to move your temporo-mandibular joints and carve out a big smile. It will stimulate a fountain of endorphins in your neuron synapses, and aha...the feel-good feeling will set in. Don't believe this? Just try....just do it.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 4 - Work extra hard to convince people that you are reliable, responsible, accountable and able to complete tasks and meet expectations - within the first two weeks! Once people know you're committed, you'll gain their trust, respect & cooperation. Just mark my words!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICER : Tip no.5 - Refresh your inner self with daily, constant and effective spiritual input. For Muslim, don't ever neglect your 5 times daily prayers, no matter how busy you are. You really need that 5 -10 minutes regular breaks. It acts as a cooling oasis for you to rejuvenate.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no.6 : Mend your bruised heart and dented self-esteem, quickly and effectively - each time you received unpleasant reminders of your incompetency & shortcoming from your seniors. It's a part and parcel of the job. Admit your mistakes, but PLEASE, try hard not to repeat them. To err is human, but to keep doing the same error is a major blunder!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no.7 : Keep in touch with your loved ones - parents, spouses, close friends, teachers etc. Don't shut out your life, which mainly linger around your wards, call roster and private room now. There is more to life out there than just work or crashing into bed to recover from sleep deprivation.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no.8 : Make friend with the nurses. Never ever be their enemy. Life would be much easier if you know how to win their hearts. Dr Meena (Paeds MO) gave me this very precious advice : Harlina, be nice to these people (nurses). They will decide whether you will have your meals or not during your calls. Yesss, I later realized how true that advice was!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no.9 : Forgive those who raised their voices at you. They might be angry patients, stressed-up MOs, overwhelmed colleagues, frustrated consultants, irritated nurses etc. Nobody had ever shouted at you before,eh? Being a HO, anticipate your first experience here. Forgive them, forget them and live on. After all, we're all just humans living in the same pressure cooker!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no.10 - Thank God for the honour of being His instrument/tool of Mercy to mankind. A great opportunity is at your doorstep to catapult your good self to be bigger than life. Grab that opportunity and seize the golden moments. Nothing compares with the feeling of satisfaction whenever your patients & relatives say : Thank you, Doc !

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 11 - Handle yourself well when dealing with difficult people. Feeling victimized, bullied and discriminated? After reflecting on yourself, I suggest you pluck some courage to meet face-to-face. Clarify, admit your mistakes and make peace. InsyaAllah, things will be fine.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 12 - Treat your patients as if they are your own parents/relatives. Just as how you would like any doctor to treat your parents, that's exactly how you should treat your patients now. Remember, what comes around, goes around! Motivate your patients always, you'll feel the positive energy seeping into you too.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 13 - Express your love to your spouse everyday, using his/her love language. Let him/her know how much his/her support & understanding means to you. Share your ups and downs, laughter & tears. Thank Allah everyday for sending you this special person. Those who are still unmarried, what's keeping you, guys?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 14 - Be sincere in treating your patients, be gentle and caring. Control your anger and frustration, avoid explosive emotional outburst in front of your patients. If you really need to release the steam, do it in the washroom with the tap running (peace, Mother Earth)- I consider that as an effective form of anger management!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 15 - Keep abreast with what's happening around you - medical & non-medical, locally and globally. Read the papers, journals & magazines, listen to the news bulletin, engage in general discussions. Have your own opinions. You're a doctor now! People wanna know what's going on in your brain.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 16 - Always extend a helping hand to your peers/colleague HOs.That's the only way to ensure help comes your way the next time you desperately need one. Less of `Me, Myself & I', please! More of `We & Us' now. Be a sporting team member, will ya!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 17 - Make effort to remember names esp. your patients'. Address them appropriately. If you're greeting them for the first time, use `Encik, Cik & Puan' instead of `PakCik, Makcik, Pak Aji, Apek, Aci, Akak, Abang, Adik'. Make quick glances at the patient's file and pronounce his/her full name clearly. Just see how impressed they will be!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 18 - Endure the disappointment when you discover the realities of the system. Witnessing unprofessional, unethical conducts - far from what you learnt in med schools? Feeling upset, angry, demoralized? Good, at least I can count on you to be a future committed agent of change!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip no. 19 - Learn to read your consultants'/specialists' minds. What do they want from a HO? Dedication, commitment, eagerness to learn, willingness to be corrected & guided. Give them those, and they won't make your life miserable.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip no. 20 - Keep your room in the HO quarter clean, tidy & cheerful! Hire a keeper if you could afford one.Throw away all the rotten left-overs. Buy an air-freshener & some flowers. Pull up the curtains, let the sunlight in. It's supposed to be a bedroom, not a cave!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip no. 21 - Spend your salary wisely. Share your first paycheck with your loved ones. Pay up your debts / credit card bills. Recall your financial planning lessons. Avoid weekly shopping mall rounds. Window shop with your stomach full, you'll be able to control the cravings

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS: Tip no. 22 - Push the `pause' button, get out for some fresh air, watch the sunrise/sunset. Reflect & contemplate. Remember, you just a small part of a very complex design. Put your perspectives back on track. Inhale & exhale - be grateful to Allah for everything you have.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 23 - Volunteer to help arranging the call roster.Experience the pain in accomodating all requests and dealing with unhappy colleagues who could not get their wishes. Best time to learn how to give & take here!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 24 - Be friendly & mix around with everyone. Do not reserve your greetings only for the bosses & VIPs. Greet the staff nurses, PKs, cleaners, security guards, gardeners etc. Drink your coffee at the pantry. Stop being choosy & selective. Snobs are lonely people.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 25 - Pray for your patients' well-being. Support their emotional & spiritual needs. Listen to their stories. Don't be afraid to be close to your patients. You will learn how to detach your emotions & rational thinking while looking after patients - so you'll remain objective and professional.Learn the balance to keep the ideal distance between you and the patients.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 26 - Surprise those who look down upon you by exceeding their expectations. Impress those who think highly of you by exceeding their expectation too. Whatever it is, do your level best. Be brave to take up challenges, be humble enough to ask for assistance and be ready to receive feedback - Recipe for a satisfying career!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 27 - Do not allow self pity to consume you now. Never curse yourself. Regretting your life choice of becoming a medical doctor, feeling envious with those friends who are enjoying life, free to do whatever they like? Well, I bet they're envious of YOU too! Just hang on there, persevere & be strong.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 28 - Admit your mistakes and try to redeem yourself. It takes a lot of courage, self-esteem and confidence to own up for your shortcomings. At the same time, do not boast around and inflate yourself. If you've really done good, let others acknowledge. You do not have to keep reminding others.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 29 - Enhance your medical knowledge thru' revising textbooks/notes ( I hope you haven't sold all textbooks to the juniors in med school!). Get answers to questions ASAP. Experience medicine with accurate knowledge/information, not simply following orders like zombies -without critical thinking.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 30 - Let the deaths of your patients serve as gentle reminders/ tazkeerah - that you will also face yours, sooner or later. Treat the dead with respect, whoever they were. Look at those cold, still bodies - now separated from their souls. Pray for them. Convey your condolences to the mourning relatives... they'll appreciate that.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 31 - Keep in touch with your emotions, but avoid being overwhelmed. Acknowledge the anger, sadness, frustration, confusion etc. Don't simply brush them off, what more trying to stiffle them! Manage those emotions - you're a human being, not a robot! Ventilate, it helps clearing up your lungs & mind.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 32 - Promise yourself that you're gonna make one person smile today! He/she might be your patient, colleague, MO, consultant, staff or spouse & parents at home. Simple rule of life - if you wanna smile, make another person smile, if you wanna be happy, make another person happy, if you want people to appreciate you, appreciate others first!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 33 - Commit yourself to life long learning from your surroundings. Your patients are your best teachers. Learn how they handle bad news, manage their emotions, ask for help and accept their fate. Despite all the pain & sorrow, they still tell you how much they appreciate what you've done for them.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 34 - Master the negotiation skills, otherwise life can be so inflexible and stressful. No matter how busy, there is definitely time for short prayers, quick meals, brief naps & shower time. The secret? You just have to know how to negotiate with people around you.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 35 - Start scribbling your life journal / log book. You're facing new challenges everyday, it's too precious to simply let them pass by without any acknowledgment. Write down the lessons learnt. You will have to share those with others one day.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 36 - Agree to disagree - the best way to handle difference of opinions. Speak your mind out, share your concerns & input. Don't be a YES-man all the time, people won't notice that you exist! Learn to say ` I beg to differ' as a subtle way to say `No, I don't agree with you!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 37 - Observe your consultant's leadership style closely - emulate what is exemplary, avoid what is not impressive. Do not get involved in power play. Be principle-centred. At times you have to disagree with your friend if he/she is wrong and compliment your enemy if he/she is doing the right thing

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 38 - Be professional - what does that mean in simple term? Doing the right thing when nobody is watching! Three elements of professionalism - self reflection, self regulation, self correction. You're expected to give your best and place patient's interest above self! How's that?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 39 - Put aside some money for charity. For Muslims, start saving for your Hajj pilgrimage. Make time to open Tabung Haji account, if you haven't done that yet. Share and be generous. Enjoy the feel-good feeling of sharing your wealth with others.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 40 - Try to perform one task extra than what is expected of you each day. This is to avoid boredom out of routinized activities. How about volunteering to push the patient's trolley to the OT, buying lunch at the warong for the ward staff or helping a patient to the washroom? Yes, it is not YOUR job, I know. I'm just suggesting. Don't be angry with me!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 41 - Ask yourself these questions time and again: `Is this world a better place because I am around?' Do I make a difference?' Human beings need to have answers to those questions. It's our spiritual need : self-actualization in Maslow's Pyramid on Hierarchy of Human Needs.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 42 - Always end your conversation with your patients with this magical question : ` Is there anything else that you would like to know from me?' So many questions can spring out from the patient's mouth - worries, concerns and misunderstanding which need immediate attention & clarification. Now you know why so many patients did not turn up for their follow-up visits, eh?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 43 - Visualize who you would be in 10 years time. It's not too early to apply creative visualization techniques now. That's the first step towards your success. Come on guys, you shouldn't just barely survive this housemanship, you have to succeed!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 44 - Keep holding to your principles, even when nobody seems to bother. Be the only one doing the right thing, tho' everyone else seem to favour & do the opposite. Truth will always prevail, sooner or later. You have to be strong to be a person of substance & integrity.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR HOUSE OFFICERS : Tip no. 45 - Be an outstanding team member. Always be helpful, considerate and committed. Be ready to take up leadership role whenever necessary. At the same time, don't be bullied around. Defend your rights, stand strong on your ground. You'll be liked and respected, just mark my words!

Dr. Har (( Alumni HO ; General Hospital KL - August 1991 to July 1992)

p/s : Yosh , ainsabrina akan mula bekerja . Tolong doakan saya dapat menghadapi 2 tahun HO yang penuh cabaran ini !! Yosh !!!

p/sss : mungkin bila dah start keja nnti , ssh dah nak update kat siniiii.

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Sweet kan ? ^____^

Assalamualaikum ,

ada kawan saya di FB post gambar ni -

terus teringat Jaja & Din  ^____^

Sweet kan ?

Mana nak cari "Din" ni ?? *syndrome-gatal*

Jangan overdose "sweet" ok , nanti dapat " Jiwang syndrome" pulak. Penyakit susah nak cari ubat tuu. ^___^

p/s : dah hujung ramadhan , kena doublekan lagi amalan. Jom kejar lailatul qadr.
Agak frustrated tahun ni tak berjaya khatam quran. Sorang2 baca quran - syndrome malas asyik melanda. Rindu tadarus al-quran sesama dgn kawan2 :(

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Jaja dan Din

Assalamualaikum ,

Baru habis baca buku ini pagi tadi  :)

Jaja & Din

Kisahnya ibarat penceritaan dari Jaja sendiri , namun turut ada kisah dari sisi Din.

Jaja - anak Dr Haslinda dan Dr Badrul Hisyam - kawan Dr Aqmar Aziz ( watak dalam Nyanyian Tanjung Sepi ) . Juga ada watak Nini , Lala dan Wasim. Ini mengingatkan saya pada kisah Nyanyian Tanjung Sepi yang sedih itu , ternyata kesannya mendalam pada Dr Aqmar Aziz , juga pada Jaja yang masih kecil waktu itu. 

Permulaan cerita Jaja&Din agak lambat , sehinggakan saya ternanti-nanti waktu "sebenar" Jaja bersua muka dengan Din. Namun penantian ternyata tidak sia-sia. Pertemuan mereka membuatkan saya juga seperti Jaja  - Falling in love with Din !!

Walaupun pada awalnya saya seakan tak setuju dengan Jaja yang mahu 'meminang' Din. Dan saya macam bercakap terus pada Jaja - " Jaja , don't do it !! U will regret it !! ", - sebabnya macam mustahil untuk Din berkata - " Ya ". Namun difikirkan tajuknya pun sudah Jaja & Din , takkan Jaja dengan yang lain pulak kan. Lagipun dari awal penceritaan Jaja , Jaja sudah bagi klu yang dia memang dengan Din.Dan saya juga turut menarik nafas lega untuk Jaja bila Din kata " Ya ". Over kan ain ni?? hihi

Dan ternyata kisah Kak Su kali ini turut membuatkan saya menangis yang sebetulnya. Menangis sungguh-sungguh !! Sampaikan mata dan hidung merah bak 'clown' ^___^
Pesanan Uncle Aqmar  pada Jaja - itu kisah air mata sungguh-sungguh saya yang pertama !
Juga kisah berita Din yang jauh dari Jaja - itu sampai tersedu-sedu !!!

Dan satu lagi yang menarik hati saya  - adalah kisah ini berlatarkan tempat-tempat berdekatan dengan rumah saya - Jawi , Parit Buntar. Sampaikan Din itu diceritakan pernah bersekolah di Almashoor lelaki - " teman sepermainan " ataupun " musuh ketat" sekolah saya. Membaca part itu buat saya gelak tak ingat ^_____^

Nak tahu kenapa beria-ria sangat gayanya AinSabrina mengulas buku ini , kena la gi baca sendiri ^___^

5 bintang saya bagi !!!

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Bunga yang muram

Aku si 'Bunga yang muram'

Bunga yang selalu segar di mata orang
hari ini dia muram
hari ini dia layu
hatinya mati
jiwanya mati
seolah-olah tiada pengharapan lagi baginya
seolah-olah tiada bahagia lagi baginya.

Dia tidak sedar yang Allah sayangkan dia
dia tidak sedar jika dia berjaya harungi, darjatnya makin tinggi disisi Allah
apa lagi yang terindah dalam hidup
kalau darjat yang tinggi disisi Allah
itu kan cita-cita semua hamba
tidakkah dia bersyukur
pandanglah dengan pandangan yang lebih luas
ujian yang diterima terlalu kecil
jika mahu dibandingkan dengan hamba yang lain
tidakkah dia berfikir?
rugilah dia jika dia tidak berfikir.

Jasad mencari tempat untuk meluah isi hati ke sana sini
meluah beban yang ditanggung
tidakkah dia ketahui
Allah memerhatikannya
mengapa tidak diluah pada Allah yang Maha Mengetahui
bukankah ujian itu dari Allah
jadi kepada Allah lah yang patut diluah
bukanlah pada makhluk
bersujudlah untuk meluah isi hati
jiwa akan menjadi tenang dan kuat.

Taken from iluvislam

p/s : frustrated !! Sampaikan aku taktahu siapa kawan mahupun lawan. Mungkin lebih tegar tiada kawan daripada dilayan seperti manusia tidak berperasaan. Thanks "kawan" !!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit


Tajuk Buku : Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit
Penulis: Syud
Terbitan Jemari Seni
430 mukasurat

Buku ini terus saya bagi 5 bintang. ^__^

Covernya yang cantik menarik dan tertarik sampaikan masa saya baca buku ini di kampung , sepupu saya asyik puji saja. " Ain , cantiknya cover buku ni !!" Dan , of course saya bersetuju. Dan ternyata isi dalamnya pun 'cantik'.

Dari awal , saya dah jatuh cinta pada watak Pacai. Adeh , macam saya pulak ye watak utama ^__^ . Pacai dan Wardah asyik bertemu sahaja. Macam ada jodoh !! Namun bertemu banyak kali pun , masing-masing tak tahu nama masing-masing . Wardah mengelarkan Pacai - Shrek sebab baju melayu hijaunya yang menyerlah itu manakala Pacai memberi gelaran Dorothy pada Wardah kerana kasut tinggi merah Wardah. Dah tak tahu nama gelaran pun ok ja ^__^

Dan akhirnya semasa pertemuan mereka di kenduri , Pacai memberanikan diri menegur Wardah. Dah tahu nama namun Encik Firas @ Pacai ni lupa tanya nombor telefon pulak *adoyai* , masa ni aku yang menbaca pun ada terfikir - " Eh , Pacai lupa tanya nombor telefon " ;)

Namun dengan usaha yang lebih sedikit , dia dapat juga contact Wardah. Wardah terus ajak berjumpa. Lagi gembira la Encik Firas sorang ni !! Rupanya ada pertolongan yang Wardah perlukan dari Pacai. Minta tolong jadi 'calon' untuk dia tunjukkan pada umi.

Wardah memang suka Ilham , lelaki pilihan umi namun dia tahu Ilham tak macam tu. Jadi untuk selamatkan diri Ilham , dia rela undur diri dengan bantuan Pacai.

and the story goes on. Tak boleh bercerita panjang , nanti dah spoil la kan ^___^


Pacai dan Ilham. Dua-dua calon yang baik. Tetapi watak Ilham itu seakan watak " atas langit " untuk Wardah , maksudnya susah digapai , cukuplah hanya meminati dari jauh. Watak Pacai , ternyata gelagat selambanya - boleh buat Wardah terus " fall in love" namun gelagatnya yang selamba itulah buat Wardah susah nak percaya yang Pacai juga sudah " fall in love' dengan dia.

Dan gelagat diorang dua ni boleh buat kita tersenyum dari awal hingga akhir. Sweet in normal dose !!

Juga ada watak Adil-Aulia dari Novel Teja Aulia - saya tak baca lagi , jadi kena beli la lepas ni !!

* banyak betul smile untuk ulasan buku ni *

Bulan di atas Champs Elysees

Assalamualaikum ,
cuba mengulas buku kembali. ^___^

Tajuk Buku : Bulan di Atas Champs Elysees
Penulis : Eva Hana
Penerbit : Jemari Seni
Mukasurat : 305 m/s
Harga:RM17 (SM)/ RM20 (SS)

 Ulasan AinSabrina :

Di muka depan novel ini ditulis : "Sebuah kisah benar yang harus dibaca !" dan juga di awal mukasurat sudah ditulis peringatan bahawa buku ini " Tidak bertujuan memberi apa-apa emosi yang berbentuk negatif serta provokasi berkenaan bangsa , agama atau negara ". Dengan itu , sudah dapat digambarkan serba sedikit kisahnya. Sila baca novel ini dengan hati yang terbuka dan untuk mengambil pengajaran.

Kisah Eva , wanita berkerjaya yang sudah cukup segalanya namun merasa tidak puas. Dia ingin melawan "kebosanan" , dia inginkan cabaran. Lalu , dia berkeputusan ingin belajar bahasa perancis di negara itu sendiri. Untuk itu , dia terus saja menaip di laman web " Looking for a friend who can help to advise me about going to study in France " dan balasan diterima oleh seorang jejaka Perancis - Jean Paul.

Dan di situ bermula kisah Eva-Jean Paul. Kerana Jean Paul , Eva makin tekad untuk ke Perancis. Dia berhenti kerja , menjual keretanya dan dengan duit yang ada itu dia ke Perancis.

Kemudian bermulalah kehidupan Eva di Perancis. Negara itu terbuka tentang segalanya namun tidak tentang Islam.Dan kebanyakkan kenalan Eva di Perancis agak terbuka sebenarnya namun tidak pada Jean Paul dan ibunya. Dalam pertengkaran , percintaan mereka masih berjalan sehinggalah ke titik perkahwinan.Dan dengan perkahwinan , baru segalanya tampak lagi sukar.

Komen AinSabrina :

Mengetahui buku ini adalah 80% daripadanya adalah berdasarkan kisah benar buat saya rasa sesak. Ya Allah , ramaikah 'Eva' di luar sana?

Eva , sekuat mana pun dia , dia masih seorang wanita. Ya, wanita yang hatinya lemah , mudah dipujuk dengan rasa cinta. Bercinta dengan orang negara lain , itu suatu cabaran tetapi yang lebih memeritkan bercinta dengan orang yang tidak sefahaman dalam agama. Malah orang itu seakan lansung tidak boleh menerima dan mahu memahami agama Eva. Malah beberapa kali orang itu cuba mengajar Eva 'memeluk' agamanya. Itu memang berat !!

Sepanjang membaca , saya rasa takut. Eva , tolong jangan hanyut jauh !! Banyak kali Eva seakan mengalah. Namun, Alhamdulilah , masih ada titik-titik Islam dalam hatinya.

Friday, August 3, 2012

3 perkara buat saya gembira hari ni !!

Assalamualaikum ,

Hari ini hari gembira saya ^________^

firstly , I got a package from Jemari Seni !! Ingat tak saya pernah menang hadiah cabaran 50 buku ?
Tak ingat. Takpa , ini detailnya - boleh klik sini dan sini . Dan untuk itu , saya dapat baucar buku dari Jemari Seni sebanyak RM100. Dah lapuk dah pun sebenarnya , mana tidaknya pemenang yang lain semua dah claim hadiah , saya sahaja yang tak claim lagi sampaikan Kak Wan , tuan blog ulat-buku hampir lupa.

Yang masih berbalut

6 books with extra of one ^__^

Ini list buku yang saya beli ,

dan saya dapat hadiah satu buku free dari Jemari Seni !! suka !! Dapat buku ni :

Tengah baca buku ni la , baru baca 10% , macam best. Nanti kalau ada kesempatan saya ulas ye ^__^

Second thing yang buat saya happy , 1st time saya pergi buat facial treatment tadi *wink-wink* Facial treatment ini adalah dari list perkara-perkara yang saya nak buat masa cuti ni. Just planning , tak sangka menjadi.

gambar cilok dari encik google

1st time !! Tak sangka Facial treatment ni sakit hoho Sangka saya facial treatment ni just urut-urut dan letak cream dekat muka macam tu ja hoho memang takda ilmu lansung pasal facial treatment ni. Rupa-rupanya , dia ada tekan-tekan , tekan white-spot , blackhead dan jerawat !! hoho Ye la , nak bersihkan muka , jadi dia kena la tekan-tekan , nak keluarkan benda kotor dari muka kita. Masa dia tekan-tekan dan sakit tu , dalam hati saya - " Serik dah , tak nak pergi dah" hihi Tetapi bila tengok effectnya rasa macam nak kena pergi lagi. Kata orang yang buat facial treatment pada saya tu , dia cakap sebaik-baiknya buat facial treatment ini once in 2 weeks. Dan lepas tengok effectnya terus berazam nak pergi lagi !!

Yang tempat saya buat itu , harganya boleh tahan. Tadi yang 1st treatment itu , mama saya yang belanja. Kata dia , " Takpa la, tak kerja lagi , mama belanja. Lepas ni , kena guna duit sendiri la ". Saya sengih je la.

Harganya : yang pakej biasa , just cuci : RM45. Yang saya buat itu memang pakej untuk hilangkan jerawat dan spot2 macam ini , itu RM65. Mama saya pun buat facial treatment - dia punya pakej untuk wanita yang dah agak berusia , pakej itu ada letak collagen. Itu harganya : RM65 juga.

Boleh tahan kan harganya ^__^ . Tempatnya dekat dengan kawasan rumah saya iaitu di Jawi. Di rumah kedai berdekatan dengan Econsave Jawi. *dah macam promoter la pulak*

ok the third thing yang buat saya happy adalah encik ketam !!

gambar cilok dari encik google

Tadi buka puasa , saya makan ketam. hihi itu ja. Saya ni memang peminat tegar ketam. Kata Mama , masa dia mengandungkan saya dulu , dia asyik mengidam ketam sampaikan Abah kena beli tiap-tiap hari untuk dia. Mungkin sebab itu kot , saya suka sangat Encik Ketam ni. Dah lama tak makan ketam , dapat ketam , memang heaven la ^___^

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday # 8

Assalamualaikum ,

been active in this -

Goodreads ni adalah social network for book lovers.

Saya yang agak ketinggalan ni baru nak join benda ni . Rasa excited pula nak berkongsi buku yang dibaca dan rasa semangat nak capai target membaca untuk diri sendiri.

Tahun lepas kan , saya capai target membaca dan mengulas 50 buku setahun untuk 2011. Tahun ini saya upkan ke 60 buku setahun. ^_^ . Target membaca je tu , mengulas ikut tahap kerajinan. hoho

Jadi buat sesiapa yang ada goodreads jugak boleh la add saya . This is my goodreads profile :

Selamat berkenalan di Goodreads pulak ^_^

ainsabrina mencabar dirinya sendiri.
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