Monday, March 16, 2009


ok being tag once again..rasa cam br je jwb tag dr cik liyana ashaari ari tu..owh kali i'm being tag by wan iliana..or lebih mesra dikenali sebagai wan...

1) Copy badge “2009 Cute’s Blogger Award” at my blog .

2) Link/narrate about the fella that give the award to you.

3) All tagged blogger must state 10 facts/hobby of himself before picking the next award receiver (tagging).

4) You have to choose 5 fellas to give the award to and post their name in your blog.
5) Don’t forget to visit your fellas’ blogs and tell ‘em they are tagged! goes the tasks:

2.story about wan iliana..

ok aku cerita dr perspektif aku la ye..ok wan iliana..sebnarnya aku br je rapat dgn wan start 2nd year ni..i always confuse dia ngan nadhira(ira) masa 1st year..dua2 sama kecil macam nak dekat sama je..i think wan knows better how most of our batch confuse her with ira hihihhihi kami jadi rapat sebab we are in same block dm3 and same aras..dan mungkin juga sbb aku semakin rapat ngan addy,my pblmate..and more rapat with wan after usm-unimas program..
what i really like about wan
-she is really good friend
-her mimik muka(wan's fake smile hihihi)
-cara dia yang berterus terang..that make me also will berterus terang with her
-her business spirit hihihi ya she is amway distributor like me and most of or batch..amway virus!!!
- banyak lagi sebenarnya hihihi but let it be secret..
that's all i can story..want to know better read her 'royal ramble' ""

about me and myself
1. my full name is ain sabrina mohamed amirudin.been called as ain. i don't really like someone called me sabrina. sabrina is reserved for the special ones(yo la tu hihihi)
2. i am the eldest sister in my family. i have one abang,2 adik lelaki and my only sis is the youngest.
3. i'm from perak originally as my p.o.b is at hospital besar ipoh but right now my home is at penang.
4. i really really really want to be a doctor. there is the only ambition that never changed since young age although it is really really really hard. huh(mengeluhku sebentar)
5.i really really really want to go to japan. really jealous with my mama that is at japan right now. huhuhu i will go someday..
6. i really really really loves to read novel but it been so hard to do that like b4 as so many notes+medical books to be read + meeting to be held + work to be done. the last book i read is twilight. really loves vampires that named edward cullen hihihi
7. to feed my love in reading novel i sometimes read it at internet or if the time is so limited i will read cerpen at ""
8.really loves to write..sorry for so much ramble in this blog hihihi anyway happy reading..
9.i always ordered nasi goreng kampung + apple juice when i went to any food court. but i am trying to change that habit..hihihhi
10. lastly i really miss my home at penang!!!!

the last part of the task..the best and the hardest part ever(teringat satu lagu pulak bila aku tulis gini..lagu dia bnyi gini (tak ingat tajuk lagu) "i hate this part right here" )hihihi

who is the luckiest+cutiest friend to be chosen hihihi
1.liyana ashaari aka angah (ni kes balas2 tag nih hihihi)
2.miss lea

ok wslm..

2 pengomen:


yang ni aku dh jawab dh cik ain..
kalo x caye..
ko tgk la kat blog aku...
aku ade letak badge blog cute tue....
so..xyah la buat kan?


salam..ain. kay tukar link nih.

ainsabrina mencabar dirinya sendiri.
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