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akhirnya khamis menjelma kembali..the day i'm waiting for..hihihi
masa sekolah+matrik dulu ternanti-nanti hari jumaat but for uni as i'm at kelatan that have class started on sunday and weekends on friday and saturday,the day i'm waiting is thursday!!
petang khamis pn dah rasa bias2 weekend yang akan menjelang..just free from lecture+class+clinical+PBL..ahh bahagia ku rasa..hihhihi

this weekend ramai yg balik umah but for me here i am,just staying at hostel...huhuhu nak balik gak!!!! tapi apakan daya bila abahku tersayang kata "tak yah balik" dan saya sbg anaknya yang agak2 solehah ni 'have to' ikut arahan..hmmmm ikut hati ingin saja aku terbang pulang ke rumah..

ok back to my title of post..
"week of disease"
ya every day we 2nd year medical student learn about disease but what make this week special(special ke???) was i'm the one that bcome the patient..

so let me tell all of you my own history intake..hihihi

actually i already have cough since 3 weeks ago..i have taken drugs 2 weeks ago but still my cough worsen more..then on last Sunday i went to clinic to take other drugs as my diphenhydramine expectorant(drugs for cough)have finished..then suprised me when the doctor give me inhaler(kepala penutup inhaler tu warna biru so it means it is a short-acting medication-correct me if i'm wrong)..she auscultate me b4 and she said she heard rhonchi(a lung sound heard from stethoscope- a sign of asthma or copd(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) but copd is more to old people and i'm not old people yet )..
my reply was "owh" to the doctor..dalam hati aku dah macam "oh no asthma!!!"..i had asthma when i'm little and my asthma was more to bad experience than good(of course!!) and it really trauma me actually to been told to have asthma again!!
then once again i asked the doctor for drugs for my cough..and the doctor just replied "awak batuk sbb asthma jadi guna ja inhaler ni"..i was stunted by her answer,in my mind i was thinking "betul ke ni?"..then i just went out from the doctor's room..then the pharmacist there showed me how to use the inhaler(ya we have learned during respi block but aku tak ingat dah pun langkah2 skema dia hihihi)..

that night i used the inhaler..after used it i felt dizzy then i just read from the paper in the box of the inhaler,it said one of the side effect of it use is dizziness, so i just positive about it..then, the dizziness worsen until i just cannot concentrate on my study i just switch off the light and have a sleep..
that night i wake up from sleep more than usual bcoz of my at about 3 am one more time i used the inhaler...wake up the next morning,the dizziness still not recovered and it worsen..then other associated symptom arise, i had emetics or in layman term is vomiting..i vomit more than 7x that day i cannot get up from my bed..worried about my condition that bcome worsen time to time, ain dntal and my rmate,aina went with me to the a&e that is emergency depart at husm..waiting at a&e was like forever as my headache make me impatient in waiting..lastly my name was called..a brief history been told by me to the doctor..the doctor there was so mesra pesakit although there were so crowded in the a&e..and the doctor instruct me to do chest x-ray..for me that time,walk from one depart to others felt like a very mile away..but alhamdulilah the chest x-ray don't show any abnormalities so i'm healthy!!! not really at that went back to the doctor,the doctor then said "takda gapo kat x-ray ni..sihat ja..jgn guna doh inhaler tu", then the cepumas question came out from his mouth "nak mc dak?"..tired of answering any question, i'm just angguk2..and guess what,the doctor give me mc for 2 days(for tuesday and wednesday) but sad to say i don't use any of i'm really sad as i have leave class on monday so when i wake up healthy on tuesday, i was just like "i really want to go to class today!!!" hihihi really felt happy that day to be wake up healthy although until today the dizziness still there but not so severe anymore..the symptoms of loss of appetite(loa)still there.. the emetic symptoms has recovered..that's all the history from me hihihi it not history actually it is more like a story of my progression of symptoms(yo la tu sbnarnya lebih kepada perkongsian cerita jah)
so the conclusion actually i don't have asthma..i'm just have cough that still not recovered..other symptoms such as headache+emetics arise bcoz of the use of inhaler that i should not use from the first time i got it from that 'doctor'..
i believe in "setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya"..mungkin ada banyak dosaku terpendam and to 'wash' it i got this and that..u know what i mean..
but to all medical student that read this and to me myself "please,please and please be a very very good doctor as good only is not enough"..ya gambate berusaha ke arah yang tebaik!!!

p/s to dr liyana ashaari aka kay
ingat lagi tak masa form 5 yg atun ngan kay temankan ain g emergency kat gh penang..sbb muntah2 gak waktu tu..sampaikan ain kena masuk air sbb dah lembik sgt waktu tu..ingat lagi tak??bila teringat balik rasa nak gelak pn ada walaupun kenangan masuk emergency first time tu agak menakutkan..menyusahkan korang je waktu tu,tggu ain lama..thanks and sorry for everything..friend forever..really miss u kay..

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zahirah ardy

uish, kalau dah reti pakai inhaler, dah reti smoking juga heee heee

anyhoo, get well soon kayyy~

ainsabrina mencabar dirinya sendiri.
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