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aku kena wat esei bi actually pasal conservation of environment lalu aku choose conservation of rafflesia..ok tak????hehehe ok or ko pn aku br je pas siap and br je antar kat email miss chai yang cute tu td..hehehelast2 dah siap aku terfikir nak masukkan dlm least org len leh dpt benefit and know more about this unique flower..want to know more can visit this webpage


Rafflesia is a unique flora as it is the world’s largest flower. Not only is it the world's largest flower, it is one of the most bizarre and improbable organisms on the planet. The Rafflesia is rare and fairly hard to locate. It is especially difficult to see in bloom; the buds take many months to develop and the blossom lasts for just a few days. How many of these strange plants still survive is unknown, but the last of them can be expected to vanish as the remaining primary forests of Borneo and Sumatra are burned. Most of them threatened or endangered. The remnants that still alive in Malaysia are located at the area of Sabah , Sarawak and at the east of peninsular.

The cause of this unique flora to be extinct is related to deforestation as many species of Rafflesia are vulnerable to deforestation. As we know the Rafflesia’s habitat is at the forest so when the forest is cut down it will give bad effect to the Rafflesia and cause its extinction. Other than in peninsular Malaysia, flower buds are sold as traditional medicines. These buds are seen as a sign of fertility, and are given to help mothers recover after birth. The over collection of these buds has not helped with conservation efforts, and has drastically reduced the number of Rafflesia in the wild.

To prevent its extinction there are law present to protect its development. As it is totally dependant upon a vine called Tetrastigma so the flower and host vine Tetrastigma are protected under the state's Wildlife Conservation Enactment of 1997 in Sabah. Other than that, this Rafflesia is a "Totally Protected Plant" by law in Sarawak, but elsewhere in Malaysia it is only safeguarded by laws when found in protected areas like National or State Parks.

Although the law is there to protect it there are also some organization that is built to make sure that the law been followed. That is called conservation organization. One of the conservation organizations is Malaysian Nature Society. It is the non-government organization and dedicated to nature conservation and appreciation. One more conservation organization is a well-known organization that is World Wildlife Fund (WWF). WWF is an international organization that has the same route like other conservational organization that is to conserve the environment.

Other than that, our government effort to protect this flora is by building more forest reserve. While protecting the forest we also take care of the flora and fauna involved and at the same time protect the Rafflesia. This will cure the main cause of the Rafflesia extinction.

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