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i got this email from my friend..i just want to share with others..
bersyukurlah dengan nikmat islam kita...

Convert Issue

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Sejak dahulu saya selalu mengkritik tentang sikap pengurusan agama, peranan zakat, kejumudan pemikiran dalam isu saudara baru. saya pernah cadangkan beberapa isu saudara baru sehingga menjadi kontraversi nasional ketika saya menjadi mufti. Antaranya; isu bin Abbdullah, isu zakat untuk muallaf agar diluaskan, isu zakat kita tidak berfungsi, isu masjid cina dan lain-lain.
Email yang seperti ini bukan kali pertama saya terima. Begitu banyak sebelum ini rintihan mereka yang baru menganut Islam yang dikemukakan. Kali ini biar laman ini menyiarkan salah satu dari rintihan mereka untuk menggambarkan mengapakah ada di kalangan mereka yang hendak keluar Islam dan kenapa bukan Islam tidak berminat dengan Islam di Malaysia.

Assalamualaikum, Dr Mohd Asri,
I am a new muslim in Malaysia but consider myself without knowledge of Islam right now.. When I got converted, the personnel in JAWI did not give me a QUR’an in English at all! Weird cause the christians provide a Bible immediately when one is converted. I was surprised but due to my love of Islam, I accepted and I was working then. So it was not a problem. But now, I am just a housewife and without the financial aid, I have had difficulties obtaining materials for studies of Islam in English language, a language i understand very well. There are classes being held by JAWI and PERKIM but I am sad to say they are more into cultural rather than Religion and they have all materials in MALAY which I don’t understand. We don’t need any traditions but we need just Islam as a religion here. And the trainers do not understand we are from different faiths. They must come down to our level, instead of expecting us to come up to their level. Its tough to explain, but only one who went through these, would understand. We should have more classes organised by Muslims who used to be from other religion and in the language of English or chosen by the student, instead of the Government choosing our language in which we should understand.
I would hope the future Malaysia includes a light for the New Muslims as in helping them in terms of education in English for Islam, The Qur’an classes and for other books, VCDs and DVDs to be produced in English for ppl like us. I wonder if there is a union of New Muslims in Malaysia to help voice out our issues. Many non-muslims are interested to know Islam, Brother. But they do not get nearer due to language limitations cause non-muslims are more into English medium of speech and readings.
I have a friend here who also converted to Islam back in 2001. Attached below is her email about her life. She suffered and still suffers I would say. And I am also worried if there is anything being done to help such people.
Brother, if Allah has called us, Allah would surely try us. But at times we find our fellow malaysian born muslims very ignorant towards people like us. When we wish them Assalamualaikum, they do not reply thinking we are not “ISLAM” . Awareness should be made for them to realise Islam is not for MALAYS only. It is for the whole nation who is lost. And the main call from Allah today is to the lost and the lost is hungry for Allah and Allah’s beautiful guidance. Praise Allah, till today we manage to persevere. The born muslims think that Allah has granted them a heaven due to their birth in muslim families. But imagine if they were in our situation, what would they do? And I need to say, we, new muslims have much knowledge about the religion than they have due to our hunger to seek Allah’s Word. And these people also must learn in ARABIC, Assalamualaikum is used by both Christians and Muslims to wish each other peace, and ALLAH is a word for GOD in Arabic used by all faiths there. I think these born muslims do not know much things, and we know much due to our searches.
I am lucky my family does not torture me. But yet, I am from a Christian background who still find it important to learn comparative religion. I found out the FCR here in Malaysia but was surprised it was charged a high fee for the classes of Intensive for 2 days. I am not sure if many can afford this, but truly, we would prefer the Govt to help subsidise these as well as provide us funds to obtain books such as Qur’an, Hadeeths, Islam DVDs, VCDs, etc. I hope someday these words will manifest.
I wonder if you’re aware that Christians in Malaysia provide absolutely free of charge, Books, Bibles, Study materials, and classes with good quality trainers in English and other languages depending on the churches or organisation. They are not funded by the Govt, yet they have the effort from donations and the church itself. I even used to get monthly magazines such as from the RBC.NET, Glad Tidings, and other international websites that send us materials free of charge. There was even a website called that sends us sermons in book format which is of good quality. I am surprised with us, being a Muslim Country could not even get near to these as of yet when we are fully helped via Zakat and the Government, being an Islamic Country. Many new muslims and non-muslims seek literature in English, but due to unavailability, they revert to their old religion. Unless they get hold onto the internet. But not all people can afford the PC and the Net to search.
I mainly wrote in for the hope that you can give light to us converts. Below is a letter from my friend who needs help.
Letter from XXXXXXXXXX (ex Sikh Religion)
I am not sure where to begin, I am not sure why but I feel that I need to talk to someone.
I converted to Islam for the second time on 10th January 2001 just a month before my marriage with my ex-husband.
The first time I converted to Islam was in 1998 when I was in UNIMAS Sarawak. Yes, at that point I had someone in my life which I very much would like to marry but the law and a regulation of the states was frustrating. I find it in Malaysia, it is so easy to get someone to convert to Islam but when they want to get married they have to face ridiculous laws. When I got married to my second husband I was told to produce 2 Islam male witnesses whom I know for 10 years. How could I know such a person when I am a convert and upmost what is my relationship with that man. Then, my parents found out that I converted and I had to stop my degree program in UNIMAS and they came to his kampong and he did not put up a fight for me. I guess it was not meant to be anyway. When I came back to Kuala Lumpur, I was forced to convert back to Sikhism; the lawyer gave me an empty sheet of paper to sign. All the necessary ceremony was done.
Eventually, I had to move on the road that they want. I found a nice Punjabi guy but when the arrangement of getting engaged was going on, they were still not happy (my family). He is lower cast and so on. Sorry to say these people never understood what I want and what I am since birth. So break off.
Then, I was determined to find a job far away and I got an offer to be the Art & Craft Organiser for the Summerset Colonial Hotel & Villas, Kuala Lumpur Pahang. There I was closed to this man who eventually became my husband (ex). Soft spoken, even time he comes and takes me out after he finishes his prayer, his face looked calm, cold and honest. I have been having dreams of converting to Islam (the pull from Islam was since childhood) and on 10th January 2001, I asked my boss for time out and he was shocked to find out that I wanted to convert. After reciting my kalimah and revert back to Islam, I was given the name XXXXXXXX by my director. I felt empty and calm.
Then I married my husband after 1 month of conversion. Since the second day of marriage he started to abuse me physically and furthermore I was receiving threats from my parents to kill me and so on. Then I called Bukit Aman they said “oh you are still alive” and then I called PERKIM they said “Oh Awak tu Punjabi memang patut kena”. Everyday I will be beaten up, my head will be banged to the iron bar of the bed I even lost my first child when he kicked me in the tummy. But Alhamdulilah I had no pain and I take this as my test. He used to follow syiriks stuffs and so on. I hanged on even the doctors told me that I can’t conceive anymore. I prayed hajat everday and today I have my son. I was named a dog and so on and kafir a lot of things. Sadly there was no family. What I longed was a family. The main argument was for money. I managed to get a divorce.
3 years after that I met a Punjabi convert and tie the knot. He showed me that he follows Islam. I am not a fanatic but I have to see this quality. After marriage he followed Sikhism, he has 3 adult son’s. He stopped working and expects me to feed him and his son and asked me to place his name under my house and car. The marriage lasted 3 ugly months. I managed to talk him out of it.
That was the history, now I stay mainly with my parents this is because they are helping me to take care of my son. I was and still am criticized for converting. My younger brother although we stay in the same house has not spoken to me for the past 8 years. His wife told me that if she conceives a baby girl she will abort the baby as she don’t want her to be like me. Now, my son is getting more matured and he his grand parents are trying to teach him Sikhism. Sometimes my dad buys chicken from Chinese shop if I try to stop him he will use vulgar words to me. I pray daily to get a good spouse that will accept my son and I and live in the environment that we should. I got to know an Indian Muslim man in Dubai through some matrimony website but again I don’t know how should I check if he is genuine, only I trust in my prayers. I just dont want to go through another painful experience as I need peace and a family of my on where I belong. I feel like an orphan in my journey as a Muslim and putting up with the locals whom I know are not defending or living under Islamic Values but defending their rights as Bumiputra. Painful when they treat us as Indian and do not address nor accept us as Muslims.
What my request are:-
Son (XXXXXXXX) is 5 years old now. Since birth his dad never seen him or given any maintenance, I have struggled and I am tired too. I was told by makamah syariah that I can put him behind bars. I know he is married again and have a child, I will not do that as the poor innocent child will loose a father and maybe his food supply. I have tried asking around for financial Aid but the way they talk to me or see me is so devastating. I am treated like an outsider. I hope to recieve some financial Aid as I know we are entitled for but its the theory of who you know not who you are, sad.
I think every converts should be given a family or have some kind of network that helps them. Because most people who officially runs converts associations and issues never sacrifice and they don’t understand the pain.
I had borrowed loans from relatives before but it just multiplies, I have settle all and I am still waiting for AKPK approval to restructure my payments.
I seek free medical facilities in government or semi government hospitals for converts that are alone, single parents.
A true husband who is a guider and provider?
I wish there was free classes and books given away, like the Buddhist does. Every weekend the children and the parents goes and learn, children will have story telling, moral and Islamic studies while parents attend the classes. I know JAWI gives classes but the timing are not of safe time as crime rates are high.
Sometimes, I feel that I am lost still alone and has not seen any promising road, please take me back to the road and the light. Thank you.
Warm Regards,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx

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