Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st day as Korean ^^


k cuba menunaikan janji..saya akan bercerita serba sedikit tentang Korea Trip saya..

kisahnya akan mengikut tarikh..
dari permulaan kisah bermula 23th May 2011 --> 2nd June 2011


23th May 2011 

I call this day as ‘waiting day’. 

since morning I have been on flight. 

1st from penang to KL 

goodbye penang

and then from KL to incheon Korea. Waiting 1 hour b4 depart from penang to KL,Then 5 hours waiting b4 depart from KL to Incheon. It is not including the 9 hours in the flight from KL to Incheon.

photo taken during waiting at LCCT

Yes so many flight schedule with waiting list. 

Arriving at Incheon we are so exhausted.  But still we manage to take a subway from incheon airport to our guesthouse, Hostel korea that located at the sinseoldong . 

On d way in the subway, we met Malaysian student that study at Korea. It is really fortunate for us to met Malaysian in this foreign country. He keeps answering our few questions. 

One thing that I discover, most Korean in the subways are holding their handphone all along the way. Some are chatting in the phone, some are watching tv from it and some are hearings some songs from it. it just so much differences from Malaysia. It shows how much dependent them to technologies and how much developed their technologies. 

One more things that amazed me, old woman in grandmother’s age or we called haramoni in korea – are using iphone. I don’t think my old grandmother can use any handphone at that age. 

Then we arrived at our guesthouse, Hostel Korea. 

All along been in there it is a so-so condition. Not so good and not so bad. We met few Malaysian there. What best for me, is where we cook some Malaysian food there.  

 1st we cook sambal ikan bilis. 

Then our last night we had few dishes. We had curry ayam with sardine and keropok. 

It really fills our life at Korea as it is difficult for us to had a full meal at Korea. 

That’s all for rite now..met u all next time..

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Doctor on Duty- Siti Soleha

la..dah balik rupenye, baru nak pesan beli barang kat sana.hehe

siti rohaina


sy nak tnya mcm sy pegi korea isnin hingga ahad.. ingt nak pegi jeju..cuma xth nak gi jeju tu ms leps smpai atau nak duk kat seoul dulu.hehe ada pendapat x?

terima kasih..

siti rohaina

salam saya nak tnya pendapat sy pegi korea isnin - ahad tp nt sy nak pegi juga jeju ..nak tnya hr sesuai nak pegi tu lepas smpai atau pegi area seoul dulu..trima kasih


@siti rohaina

pndapat saya - baik seoul dulu. adapt di seoul dlu sblm bjalan ke jeju. sbbnya di seoul transportnya lebih mudah dan jarak antara satu tempat tu dkt2 ja..klu jeju,mmg kna gna tour guide jgak sbb tranport x mudah & jarak jauh antara satu tmpat dgn tmpat yg lain.klu pergi jeju dulu,dah pnat bjalan je,dah x larat nak bjalan di seoul plak nnti..

ainsabrina mencabar dirinya sendiri.
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