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kembali rasa gatal tangan hendak menulis =)

hari ini hari syahdu ain sabrina..

definisi syahdu..sedih dan yang seangkatan dengannya..

pa yang berlaku???

gini alkisahnya..
as usual pagi2 ada ward round..

memandangkan saya team ooru (oncology and reconstruction) yang lebih menyentuh berkaitan kanser dan yang seangkatan dgnnya..mostly case yang kami jumpa kanser2 tulang-osteosarcoma,giant cell tumour..ada juga kes fracture..

k yang membezakan ward round pagi ni dr ward round yg lain2..

kali ni kami ada kes osteosarcoma..
brief ckit pasal patient

15 years old,just been diagnosed to had osteosarcoma 1 year ago.he had undergo currently the osteosarcoma not responsive to the chemo make it more tragic-the cancer has already spread to the lung. and the only choice right now is to AMPUTATE. yes,amputate.

yah that the brief history i can tell you..

ya sejak masuk ortho posting banyak sangat kes amputate yang dijumpai..yang tambah menyedihkan kesnya mostly terjadi pada budak2..recent amputate i have seen happen to a girl aged 11 years old..11 years old,just standard 5..masih dalam zaman bersuka2..

why we do amputate?
bcoz it is the only way not to spread the cancer..
cancer is very dangerous and once its spread,it is already difficult to treat so as along we have chances to prevent the spreading,we prevent it..

amputate..potong..bunyinya kejam..mcamna kehidupan patient tu lepas ni??
sedih memang sedih tapi nak buat macam mana itu saja pihak doktor boleh lakukan..

but back to the basic..
if we have a choice either to prolong the life of the patient by amputate or not to amputate that will of course spreading the cancer all over the body..
of course we will be reasonable to choose amputation..

back to that 15 years old patient,
he should already been undergo operation this morning but however his parents,both dissapear..MIA(missing in action) consent cannot be taken..
and he been left alone in the of more friends talk to him..
bercakap dari hati ke hati..its reveal that he had family problem,his parent was discussing to had a divorce..and both of them don't want take the responsible or risk to sign for their child's amputation process..
yah 'responsible' parents..
that boy already had cancer spreading to his lung and his parent still have 'so much time' to play cak cak at this important time..
buatkan me rasa geram+sedih+campur macam2 perasaan lagi..

ahhhh frust betul..but yah we human being just have to persuade and persuade..
we try our best not to do harm to the patient and so the patient and their relatives should also take action try to understand and cooperate.

yah i know amputation is not an easy thing to accept but we don't have choice,and so are you..

but don't misunderstood that all osteosarcoma patient had to undergo amputation..there are only little of them..hanya beberapa patient sahaja yang tidak bernasib baik..
mostly osteosarcoma patient can be treat with chemo and by excision the cancer,and it heal completely after that..and their live happily ever after =)

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