Wednesday, October 21, 2009



ahh realy tired today..really not concentrate much during lecture..banyak zzzzzzzz..mata ni kerja nak tutp ja..and seringkali time duk dengar lecture ada ja sms yg datang..berkaitan kem MSFT yg akan berlansung hujung minggu ni...and sepanjang lecture pg tadi, i just can't wait to be back to my room, nak charge hp then trus nak call mama or abah..really2 miss them..homesick syndrome associated or may predispose by hectic week this week...

so balik rumah just call my mama first..
then after a while call my abah..

"ye ain..kenpa", my abah just answered my phone..
di balik fon tu aku ada dengar macam org2 bercakap..
so aku pun "abah busy ka???"
"abah tengah meeting ni..napa ni??"
aku pun "emm kul 1 abah free???ain kol kul 1 la.."
then off a while..

so then i stay a while at bilik ain that time my lacrimal gland started to excrete its secretion aka air mata..really fell lonely at that time..mama busy abah pun busy..

then after a while,my phone ring..
and there my otousan aka my abah call..
as he call the lacrimal gland actively secreting its secretion..
it really surprised him..
her oldest daughter suddenly cry like a little girl..
her oldest girl that usually act cold suddenly melted like a little child..
air mata tu cam dah tak nak berhenti..
just menangis dan menangis sampaikan kata-kata tersekat..
and his words,support and advice at that time really heal my sickness at that time..

i know it really hurt him somehow to hear me crying all a long in the phone until he said "nak balik ka???" (sangatlah susah sbnarnya utk abahku mengeluarkan soklan ni..he is the type of abah that really tegas and don't really like her daughter to balik rumah goyang kaki and he prefer her daughter to stay at hostel and study)
dalam tersekat-sekat aku menjawab.. "ain ada kem hujung minggu ni.."
"nak abah datang ka???"
"haa boleh la.."
"abah kerja sabtu ni..emmm"(abah cam sedng berfikir cara nak g melawat me)
i know really hard for abah right now sbb abah baru start keja kat KL..from what i can tell his work is a lot busier and hectic than b4 but somehow he cam came with the idea to came to kelantan to visit me,really touch me somehow..
lastly we came with the idea i will come back to penang this 8th november during this CFCS week..he just like.."ok ain balik 8hb ye..abah pun balik penang waktu tu..nanti kita g berkelah kat sungai..jalan2..release ur tension..ok???".

then bcoz of that drama air mata(^_^),my abah call me for more than 5x just for today..just to know her daughter's condition..really love him for that..and as usual his advice aka takzirah been heard every time he call...
"g baca quran byk2"
"ambil air sembahyang,g wat solat suant 2 rakkat"
"banyak g masjid..tenangkan diri kat sana"
"banyakkan minum air.."
"rehat biar cukup.."
bla bla bla (dan macam2 lagi la)
as anak muda kadang2 diakui boring dengar mak ayah kita berleter but somehow sometimes i really love that nagging time bcoz it shows they care about us..
usually at this time, my abah will send his motivational sms and i will saved it in my hp and whenever i need it,i will just read it..
really love and miss him so much!!!

somehow at that time really miss the old time..
the time i'm the only daughter in my family..
but jangan salah faham i love my sister although i'm not the only daughter anymore..
her presence really enjoyable and lovable somehow..
miss the old time where i'm just a little girl without problem,no pressure and no responsibilities..
that old time tinggal sejarah and i've just have to through this 'new' time..
wish me luck to through it..

abah with my only sis..

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